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"From the early server software testing we have done so far, we can only be pleasantly surprised. The performance-per-dollar of the ThunderX2 in both Java Server (SPECJbb) and Big Data processing is – right now – by far the best in the server market. We have to retest AMD's EPYC server CPU and a Gold version of the current generation (Skylake) Xeon to be absolutely sure, but delivering 80-90% of the performance of the 8176 at one fourth of the cost is going to very hard to beat."


p.8 chart:   on a per core basis, ThunderX2 appears to be 3-4 times faster than ThunderX based on these specINT subtests.  Note:  this is single threaded performance.   ThunderX2 has 4 threads per core while ThunderX has a single threaded core.   If your application can a benefit from multiple threads, you will get more than 4X performance on a per core basis. 

p.3:  microarchitecture - ThunderX2, Skylake, EPYC 


p.11 Apache Spark

"The ThunderX2 delivers 87% of the performance of the twice as expensive EPYC 7601. Since this benchmark scales well with the number of cores, we can estimate that the Xeon 6148 will score around 4.8. So while the ThunderX2 can not really threaten the Xeon Platinum 8176, it gives the Gold 6148 and its ilk a run for their money."

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