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Diagnostics Reporting for ThunderX based systems


Below is information which is needed for just about every support question related to diagnostics of a ThunderX based system from Gigabyte.  In all cases; all of the information will be required before anything is escalated to the factory.  So, we suggest collecting all (or as much as you can based on the system state) of the information below:


Required information:

Optional information:

  • BIOS version or screen shot
  • Serial number
  • Purchase Order Number
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    Steve Wilson

    1) disconnect power cables (to ensure system starts fresh)
    2) Attach the cable 115200 8n1
    3) Connect using minicom of like application
    4) Start logging/catpure
    5) Connect and Power on the system
    6) When the system boots or stops, end capture
    7) Send that log to us