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Preparing Product for shipping (for diagnostics, help, or RMA)


Many products are sensitive to static, shock, or the most common, insufficient packaging.

We at Phoenics truly want to help resolve any issue relate to our products (and then some).  In some cases, items need to be shipped between yourselves, Phoenics Electronics, and our Suppliers.  Shipping damage could mask a true problem.  A shipping damaged product may not be useful for the intended task at its destination.



  1. Open a support case at this site and get clear understanding with the supporting Engineer of the need.
  2. Retain packaging used for shipping for a reasonable duration for reuse.  Many products have custom packing materials to address their particular sensitivities.
  3. Do your best to package the item as it was received.
  4. Get the package weights and measures.  These affect sipping decisions and costs
  5. Locate the purchase order(s) related, and any support case numbers and include them on some paper for the event that we need to use it to verify the package is relate to the PO or case.
  6.  Get the appropriate shipping destination from your Phoenics Account Manager.
  7. Once shipped, update the support case with the shipping label (can't hurt to email it to the Account Manager as well)
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