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Making a bootable install Thumbdrive


This is to provide the Linux instructions to write ISO9660 CDROM/DVD image onto a thumbdrive.  This is a general process applied toward the Ubuntu 18.04 ARM64 ISO.  But, the command works for others too.


Environment: Linux based system with enough drive space or network accessed drive to hold an ISO image.  You must have root access. You will need a qualified thumbdrive with more than 8GB space



Log into the Linux system

Become root (I use 'sudo bash').

Locate the desired installer ISO.  We will call this <ISO-PATH> for reference

Insert a USB thumbdrive into a USB port.

Locate the thumbdrive device node (devnod):

     $ cat /proc/partitions (it often is the last one displayed)

$ cat /proc/partitions
major minor #blocks name

259 0 1000204632 nvme0n1
259 1 524288 nvme0n1p1
259 2 983037952 nvme0n1p2
259 3 16641024 nvme0n1p3
8 0 15633408 sda  (we will use this devnod in the example)
8 1 15632384 sda1

Ensure the drive is not mounted

$ umount /dev/sda?

Now that we are prepared.  We can do the one needed command:

$ dd if=<ISO-PATH> of=/dev/sda bs=2048M conv=fsync

Go have a cup of coffee and doughnut.

Then, you are done.  Remove the thumbdrive and package for shipping.



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