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Disabling security via BIOS to enable remote IPMI Serial Over Lan (SOL)


ThunderX2 systems provide an advanced security for IPMI which prevents use of Serial Over Lan (SOL) until the security is disabled within BIOS.  Depending on your environment, this may be left disabled or re-enabled after completing your maintenance/activity via SOL.


1) Access the system via console.

2) Press ESC key to enter BIOS setup

3) Select the Advanced tab in BIOS

4) Choose 'Trusted Computing'

5) Select 'Trusted Device' and toggle this to Disabled

6) Save and reboot the system

At this time IPMI SOL is enabled and accessible via the BMC subnet.

Remember to toggle this back to Enabled if you desire the added security on you BMC/IPMI network. 



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